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Jack Fishing

  • 7 hr
  • 700 US dollars
  • South Louisiana

Service Description

Fishing for Jack Crevalle is a more seasonal thing than redifish, drum, and sheepshead. Being that they do not tolerate cold or even cool water at times, we do not see them too often outside of the time of April through October. With that being said, my absolute favorite time of year to target these beast are from about the middle of July to the middle of September. Yes, those times of year can be more hot than anything you can imagine, but for the most part, the hotter, the better for jacks. Jack fishing is definitely for the more "strong willed" angler, especially with the fly rod. They are just a down right mean fish that will drag you around like a rag doll when hooked up. Although there are times we may be able to run into a group of them somewhere and they will eat everything in sight, that is not always the case. What some of the jack trips consist of is some serious running and gunning and making every shot count as these fish can be extremely smart sometimes and outsmart even the best angler on the toughest of days. On average though, when the proper conditions present themselves, we will get a decent amount of shots with the fly rod and get a few fish for you to go into a long and heated battle with. Now it does tend to produce more fish with big spinning gear as we can throw giant tuna poppers and swim baits that jacks will fight you for, so we always have it on board in case someone wants to chase after them that way as well. Please remember that if you bring your own gear, we recommend 10-12 weight rods, and be prepared to throw giant flies. Feel free to give me a call if you have any other questions.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is that anything inside of 30 days in non-refundable and will be charged full price. Weather related cancellations/reschedules will be determined by the guide and either refunded or rescheduled accordingly.

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