Louisiana Sightfishing



Since I was old enough to stand I have had a fishing pole in my hand. Whether it was riding my bike to the near-by park, fishing the banks of the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain, or even in my grandpaw's pool that would sometimes be filled with fish when not in use (story for another time), I always found myself somewhere near the water with a fishing pole in my hands as a kid. Moving on up through the years of learning to drive and having more means of finding fish, I soon found myself fishing from kayaks and small flat boats and pretty much anything or anywhere else I could get the chance to fish. Growing up as a kid running the marshes with my Uncle and Cousin in small bay boats was one thing that led to my learning of these vast marshes, but exploring the marshes with nothing but an old flat boat or kayak with my friends was where I soon learned the love of sightfishing for the many redfish, drum, sheepshead, and jacks. Throw in the fly rod at this point, and it meant that nothing was getting past me without getting a hook in it. Something about hunting these fish as stalking them in the shallow waters in our area is something that just will never get old to me. It is the most ultimate form of sport fishing in my opinion. People often ask me, "Don't you get tired of being out on the water everyday?", and "what do you do on your days off?", the answer is, no it never ceases to amaze me every-time I get to watch a fish blow up on something and whether I am working or not, I am on the water pretty much every single day. I love being out there no matter what because it is what I do and what I love more than anything. If you are looking to get out on the water and see why I love it so much, feel free to give me a call and I can show you why it is that I try and spend every waking moment I have on the water.

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"With over two hundred and fifty days on the water per year and being in these marshes since he was a kid, Captain Ty is sure to provide you with not only a great fishing trip, but also a part of the Louisiana marshes that seldom have ever seen before."

Captain Ty Hibbs

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